DELVE coverage

My research focuses on understanding the nature of Dark Matter and our galaxy, the Milky Way. In particular, I use dwarf galaxies and stellar streams as cosmological probes of dark matter and as probes of the accretion history and mass distribution of the Milky Way. To, accomplish these goals I am deeply involved in a several wide-field ground based optical/near-infrared photometric surveys. Currently, I am a member of the Rubin Observatory Commissioning team and one of the conveners of the Dark Matter Working group inside the Dark Energy Science collaboration (DESC). I also am a builder for the DECam Local Volume Exploration Survey (DELVE), and am a member of the Milky Way working group within the Dark Energy Survey (DES).

To learn more about out plans to use Rubin Observatory to constrain the nature of dark matter see the LSST Dark Matter white paper (Drlica-Wagner et. al.)